New design and new language

So, this is the thing. I’ve been bloging in Swedish, which is my native language for years now. And all of this time I’ve had a lot of complaints from my friends that don’t speak Swedish that they want to read my blog too, but can’t, since they don’t understand the language. And we all know that although Google Translate is helpful in many ways, often times the translations are very confusing. So from today on I’m changing language on this blog. If any of my Swedish followers doesn’t like this change, well come on, be a sport! All Swedes know English very well, even if you think you don’t.

As English is not me native language, please excuse any misspellings or lack of vocabulary. I’m trying my very best. Also have patience with the mix of languages on headlines and such. I’m changing things bit by bit and it might take some time before I’ve changed everything from Swedish to English.

You might also notice that I’ve changed the design of the blog. This part is also a bit of under construction, but hang in there. I’ll try and hurry up to make it pretty for you. Let me know what you think so far!

I hope you’re going to like this change!


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