This week so far

I’ll start with Sunday, which we spent at my sister’s place. I love to go there. It’s always so relaxing – no pressure, just hanging around, chatting with my sister or her husband, playing with the kids, petting the cats and dogs.



Tuesday I had lunch with Nicole. We were supposed to have lunch on Monday, but my stupid mommy-brain made me forget and I spent my Monday catching up on my sleep instead.


I am holding Sally’s head, even if it doesn’t look like it.

I spent the afternoon with my cousin Ulf. We had a “fika” (Swedish word for having coffee/tea/bewerage of choice with something sweet) in town. We tried the new “semmel wrap” and oh my god, it was delicious! Loved it!


Mom came to visit yesterday. Sally got exhausted by looking at mommy’s busy sweater and fell asleep on her tummy.


We’ve been completely lazy today, just doing a whole lot of nothing. Took a photo of Modou and Sally in her Baby Björn, which I thought was cute.


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