Off to the country side! 

Sally and I are going to my friends Karna and Martin today. They live in a very cute little house in the country side outside my home town. It’s Karna’s birthday so I’m hoping for some nice cake or something. Haha! 

I managed to do a side brade today. Yay me! With a two month baby, you just never know how much time you’ll have to get ready. Sometimes Sally just gives me enough time to brush my teeth and that’s it. While other days, like this one, I manage to put on some make up and even do my hair. Thank you, Sally! It might have helped that a made a small fort around her in the couch so that she could sit up and watch TV. She is not happy lying on her back anymore. She wants to sit up and see what’s going on. She even tries to sit up herself. Isn’t that a bit early though? Sometimes I feel that this girl is just rushing to get older. Like, slow down! Mummy has to catch up! 

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