Sleep sheep

As a parent of a high energy baby, one can get pretty desperate, trying to find something to make your baby sleep for more than ten minutes at a time. For the first two months, Sally wasn’t sleeping for more than twenty minutes straight if she wasn’t sleeping ON either me or Modou. I remember when we discovered swaddling and she slept for FOURTY minutes on her own! Halleluja!! Swaddling is not recommended here in Sweden and I was too afraid to try it at night, but it worked wondrfully in daytime to get Sally to not only take short power naps. 

Another thing that really helped her sleeping sound and especially to fall asleep, is this little sheep. It’s a sleep sheep! It’s actually a white noise machine. You can chose between heartbeats, ocean waves, rain and whale sounds. If you have a baby that has trouble sleeping, you should really try something like this. Sally loves it and she especially loves the ocean waves sound. Makes her fall asleep so much faster than before. 



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