3 super easy purees for 4-6 month old baby

I made some baby purees today. Thanks to those of you who gave me tips on what to make. I think I might get obsessed with making baby food. There’s something about trying to come up with nice flavours and also the very easy and small scale cooking that is appealing to me. I mean, I made a week’s worth of “meals” with just an avocado and a banana. This newfound love of cooking baby food might wear off though as Sally grows so don’t judge if I start buying those little jars of baby food in the future. 

This is what I made today. 

1. Pear & Prune puree

I just took a juicy pear and mixed it with 5 big prunes. Since my baby is only 4 months old and this is her first food I pressed the puree through a sieve to make it super smooth. 

2. Avocado & Banana puree

Mix 1 avocado with 1 banana until smooth. Voila! 

3. Roasted sweet potato puree

Chop 1 sweet potato into small pieces. Rost in oven at 200 degrees (Celsius) until soft. Mix with 2 tbsp of canola oil until smooth. 

There you have it. Three super easy purees to tempt your baby’s taste buds. I put these in icetrays and froze them. One cube = 2 portions for Sally since she just started tasting solid food. 


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