Hot hot hot! 

Oh my god it’s so freakin’ hot here right now and oh my god I haven’t been blogging in like forever. The reason I haven’t been is that Sally has been waking up every. single. hour! I kid you not! For over two months she was waking up every 45-90 minutes at night. It was driving me completely insane. I was a firm believer that bebies sleep when they’re tired but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sally never gets tired. So now we’re sleep training the little night monster. And so far it works. Last night she slept for four hours straight. Yay! I can feel I’m slowly coming back to life. 

Anyway, summertime is here and even though I’m not really made for the heat and the sun it’s really nice when you find shade. And there were lots of it in the woods where we took a walk today. We even found blueberries! Sally loved them! 



  1. Wonderful photos – you’re a beautiful family! So glad you’re working on the sleep thing. I’ve not said much, but I’ve had great luck with all my kids (and grand kids) once they were at least 6 mo or so in letting them fuss for a while if they wanted up in the middle of the night. Have to say, most were good sleepers, but my oldest and a couple of the grand kids tried wanting to play at 2 a.m. My pediatrician, when the boys were babies, told me that it’s not going to hurt them to cry so that’s what i did. It took 3 nights and my oldest, the night owl, was sleeping from 8 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.! Like you, I started feeling human again. Best of luck with little Sally – she’ll figure it out, but you may also have a baby that just doesn’t need as much sleep as others. ❤

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