Kikki and a walker wagon

Sally and I had such a lovely day today. It started a tad bit early for my taste (4:30am), but I’m not going to complain. The fact that Sally now sleeps from 7pm to 4:30am (and sometimes even 5 or 6am) is a miracle in my book. 

My aunt came by in the morning and we had coffee in the sun on the balcony. Did I mention we’re staying at my mom’s place. Perhaps I didn’t. Anyway, we’re having somewhat of a mini vacation here in my hometown because my mom is in Norway and we saw it as an oportunity to live in a house for a couple of weeks. 

Later we went to my friend Kikki, who lives out on the country side a few miles away from here. The road to her place is just absolutely beautiful. Pictoresque Swedish countryside at it’s best. Blue skies, little red houses, oak trees , meadows and glittery lakes. 

Sally had such a great time at Kikki’s. She was exploring everything in her surrounding. It was like she was on a great treasure hunt. 

I think Sally is going to walk soon, by the way. She got this walker wagon from my sister and she’s really figured out how it works now. So she’s walking with it with almost no help from me. I thought she would walk at nine months since she’s so early in everything, but in this pace I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s walking at eight months. 

Sally is fast asleep now and I just had a bath. I am so going to miss living in a house when we get back to our apartment. I think we have to start searching for a house now. 


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