A day all to myself

Because of the constant sleep deprivation and because Sally’s been sick, I’ve had a pretty rough week and I’ve been feeling extremely low. Actually to the point where I was wondering if I’m falling into a depression. So Modou came to the rescue and took care of Sally for the whole day, leaving me to do whatever I pleased with the day. 

Isabel texted me in the morning and asked if I wanted to take a walk and have lunch with her. Of course I did! It was the perfect activity for me today. So I took a long shower, put on make up (which is a big deal now a days) and headed into town to meet her. 

 See how much hair I’ve lost because of breastfeeding! What is the purpose of that? Such a strange thing! 

We took a walk along the water and then we tried a new restaurant. Great pizza! I ate all of it…and ended up falling into a major food coma. But it was definitely worth it! 

Then we had some tea at her place and a taste test of Ahlgrens Bilar (Swedish marshmallow candy). We tried to figure out if the different colours also had different tastes. But we couldn’t really tell, except the pink one tastes somewhat different. We think… maybe… perhaps. 

A perfect day to eand the week. Now I’m ready to take on the next! Off to bed! 

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