Picking apples

We were at my grandma’s yesterday, picking apples. The rain poured down on our way there, but when we arrived the sun came out and the sky was blue. 

We have an appointment today at the Child Healthcare Center to talk about Sally’s sleep. They wanted me to track her sleep pattern for a week so I made this chart. I guess she sleeps enough hours, I mean after all, she’s happy and content when she’s awake. I just wish she slept in longer stretches. The firs two days, she was sick so that’s why she was sleeping so much in the daytime. 

GREEN=sleeping RED=screaming,crying,fussing

What do you think, is this perfectly normal for an 8 month old baby? Must point out that this is not a phase. No grow spurt, teething or anything. This is how she’s been sleeping since birth. 


  1. Hopefully the doctor can help. I can only tell you what I’ve experienced with my kids and grand kids and all of them were sleeping through the night by 6 months and some were sleeping through the night (from 8 to 6 or so) at 2 – 3 months. My sons were very good nappers but 2 of the 3 of the 6 grand kids would only sleep an hour during the day. I wish you all the best and hope a good night’s sleep happens regularly before you nave to go back to work ❤

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