Sleep deprivation and looking at houses

So, I had an appointment at the Child Healthcare Center today (BVC for my Swedish readers) and talked to our nurse about Sally’s sleeping habits. She said that she didn’t think there was anything wrong with Sally, only that she probably gets so angry and upset that her body stiffens up. I think she might be right. She also said that I need to ask for help so that I can get a good night’s sleep. Easier said than done, though. Modou needs the sleep just as much as I do and friends and family are busy with their own lives. She did offer for me to go to a therapist though, to help cope with the sleep deprivation, so I’m going to do that. 


I went with my mother to look at a house today. We are nowhere near buying a house yet, but it’s fun to look. This house was not something I would buy though. Too much renovation to be done, plus the whole house had this strange chemical smell. 



  1. Glad you found that Sally’s ok – that in itself is a huge relief. Our 5 yr old grandson has had significant temper issues and it started when he was about 6 mo old. He’s finally getting better but he used to scream and cry to the point of almost passing out. His pediatrician told the parents to just make sure he can’t hurt himself, but not to give in to the anger. As always, easier said than done. Fortunately, he did sleep well so they got a decent night’s sleep which gave them the energy to handle him the next day. I love him to death, but he really wears his parents (and me, when we have him) out!

    Happy house hunting!

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