Silent bus sessions and a rainy day

I had lunch with my friend Nicole today. It was so nice to see her because it’s been far too long. Her birthday was last week so I went to pick up a present for her, then I had to go to a café to feed Sally before I met up with Nicole. 

 We were going to meet up with Nicole at 11:30, but at 11:40, she still wasn’t there so I texted her. 

 Turned out she had forgot about our lunch because she was working on this project at work. But she turned up five minutes later and when she explained that she was working on launching the Silent Bus Sessions with Seinabo Sey and Zara Larsson I totally forgave her (I did anyway). Check them out here!

After the lunch we went to this baby singing class we go to every Thursday. I don’t know it that is a correct translation but what it is is that all the moms and dads sit with their babies in a ring and we sing songs for the babies. Sally loves the music, but she hates to sit still, so I have trouble sometimes to keep her interest up. 

 It was raining heavily when we went there. I was jealous at Sally. It looked so nice to lie there in the stroller with the rain cover on. 

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