The Gambia

Where do I begin to tell you about our trip to The Gambia? Everytime I’m there it’s so overwhelming and this time even more so since Sally was with us. Also my mum and sister came along with us for a week. The Gambia is so different from everything I know, yet I feel very much at home and I feel very welcomed there. Of course we spent a lot of time visiting family. I really have to step up when it comes to learning Mandinka because next time I want to be able to speak with all of them. Most people there speak English, but since Modou is with us the conversation always switches to Mandinka after the usual greeting phrases. 

Travelling with a toddler was of course challengeing. Keeping Sally from not putting cigarette buts in her mouth, not falling down stairs or not putting her fingers in poorly installed electrical outlets was taking a lot of energy, but also, I’m so proud of Sally because she was a true joy to travel with. Even though she didn’t really wanted to be held by strangers (which you can understand) she charmed everybody with her bright personality. 

I really wanted to blog during the trip but I couldn’t find a strong enough wifi. But here are some photos from our fantastic two weeks there. I wish I could go back soon. 

Me, Modou and Modou’s mum Rohey. 

Benechin – a Gambian rice dish. 

Sally and her cousin Kadi. 

Modou’s sister Mai in the background with her daughter Kadi. 


Modou and Sally with Modou’s aunt and mum. 

At Modou’s dad’s place. The blond woman is my sister. 

Sally with her granddad. 

Me and my sister with a bunch of Modou’s siblings. 



  1. Looks and sounds like you had two great weeks in The Gambia! Bet it was a rude awakening coming home to a freezing Sweden! How was flying with Sally? 🙂

    1. We had a fantastic time. Sally did great on both flights. On the way there she charmed everyone around her. On the way home she slept from Las Palmas to Stockholm. Woke up by people applauding the captain and she startedclapping her hands aswell. Lol! Yes, I wasn’t prepared for the freezing weather, but it’s kind of nice with the snow too.

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