A really scary thing happened today. A friend of mine was over with her baby boy who is the same age as Sally. We had tea and I cut up some grapes i quarters for Sally. She loves to eat with her hands now and small pieces of fruit is perfect for that. I asked my friend if she wanted some for her son and she said she could try and see if he liked them. He had a couple and seemed to like them. Then he took a couple of them and put in his mouth. All of a sudden my friend shouts “oh my god, he’s choking!” At first I didn’t think he really was, but then I could see he had trouble breathing. She turned him on his tummy and held his head down and pounded his back a couple of times. I remember thinking she was to gentle so I stepped in and pounded quite forcefully on his back with an open palm. The pieces of grape came flying out of his mouth. Thank God!! I was shaking afterwards and my friend was in shock. I’m so scared this would ever happen to Sally. I need to take a CPR class ASAP! 

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I had this happen to my middle son when he was not quite 3. He had gotten a Life Savers candy and I was across the room telling him to put it down. He looked at me and grinned then popped it in his mouth and immediately couldn’t breathe. He was turning blue when I grabbed him, hit his back really hard and pushed up on his abdomen and the candy shot across the floor. My heart was racing and my knees went weak the second I knew he was ok. Horrible feeling. I’m glad your friend’s little boy is ok and you were able to get out the grapes

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