A bottle of nailpolish

The morning I had today. Oh my god! We were heading out to the library and I had just painted my nails and where finishing doing my make up. Then I heard Sally being very cheerful and babbling. And then I saw why. She had found a bottle of nailpolish, managed to take the cap of and had poured the polish all over the bathroom floor and over herself. I panicked. Like, do you wash her first, or the floor, or…what? While I was panicking, she happily stomped away with nailpolish on her feet, leaving marks all over the livingroom floor. I decided I had to clean her first. I sort of drenched her in nailpolishremover and then I gave her a bath. While she was in the bath I cleaned the bathroom floor. It took me 45 minutes to clean it all and the apartment still smells from nailpolish and nailpolish remover. Sigh! I wish I would have taken a photo of the mess, but sometimes it’s just not the right time for a photo. I hope your morning was a bit less stressful than this. LOL! 

One comment

  1. Oh, my!! I got lucky but did have one of the boys who left me a nasty mess. He was about Sally’s age and he decided to take off his diaper after his afternoon nap and he’d spread poop all over his crib, wall, sheets and himself!! I was gagging – it took me forever to get that mess cleaned up. It was also the last time I put him down with just a diaper – from then on he had on overalls or something he couldn’t get off! LOL

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