My pregnancy

She’s here!

We waited and waited and waited some more. Then, on the 28th of December she finally arrived. Two weeks and two days after estimated due date. She weighed 3470 g. We think we have a name for her, but we want to wait some before making it official. You just have to patient! 🙂


Waiting for our Christmas gift

Let me tell you, these two and a half weeks I’ve been home from work has been the longest in my life. This baby just refuses to come out! I think it’s set on celebrating Christmas in my belly. To avoid going completely crazy I’ve been checking off every Christmas tradition I could think of. Or perhaps that is a sign of me already turned crazy, I don’t know. Anyhow, I baked saffron bread, chocolate candy and gingerbread cookies. I also spent a lot of time decorating the Christmas gifts. Just to make the wait for our gift to seem shorter.






37 weeks

Delivery is getting closer, but I’m not nervous at all! I think something must be happening in your brain that makes you this calm, even though you know you’re soon about to experience the most pain you probably will have in your entire life.

Instead of being nervous I’m really looking forward to that little bundle of joy and I’m enjoying preparing everything for his or her arrival. I’m 37 weeks from today, so in about a week or so, I could give birth any day.

I don’t know if you can tell, but the picture above the bed is the ultrasound photo.

Pregnant princess one day, ogre the next

I had a great time at the photo shoot this Saturday. I felt really pretty and I’m really looking forward to the result. I got a little sneak peak as you can see here. The photographer Kristin was so professional. I’m definitely going to book her for baby photo shoots in the future. Her website is
Then on Sunday I suddenly woke up looking like an ogre with a huge cold sore on my lip and a swollen tongue. Nice! So today I stayed home from work. So happy I didn’t look like an ogre at the photo shoot. Thank God!

Copyright by Kristin-Photography.

31 weeks, baby shopping and date night

As from yesterday I’m 31 weeks pregnant. I don’t want to gloat or anything, but so far I’m having the best pregnancy ever. I’m feeling very healthy and happy. And also very calm. I thought I would be, but I’m not nervous about giving birth at all. I feel so secure in that my body will know what to do. I still have a couple of months to go, but as for now, this is how I feel.

What is starting to annoy me though is all the comments about how big I am. Yes, I have a prominent baby bump, but I do not feel big or fat in any way. And I’m very proud of my bump so all comments like “Wow! You’re really big!”, “It looks like you’re about to burst” and “Are you sure you’re not having twins?” are frankly quite hurtful. If you can’t say something nice, then just keep quiet.

Yesterday we went to IKEA to shop for some baby stuff. This is the crib we bought.


Outside IKEA they sold frozen yoghurt. Why we don’t have this more in Sweden I do not understand. Love it!



We finished off the day with a date night at the cinema. We saw Dracula – Untold.


21 weeks pregnant

Today’s been sort of a lazy day in Gothenburg. We went to bed late last night and woke up late today, so we just did a bit of shopping. I bought some tops that will fit my fast growing belly. As from yesterday I’m 21 weeks pregnant. It feels sort of surreal, even though I can feel the baby kicking every day. And it finally feels like actual kicks. I’ve been feeling the baby since I was 16 weeks pregnant, but then it was like someone was tickling the inside of my stomache. Now I have even felt the kicks on the outside two times. Feels great that I know that the baby is well and alive in there. Modou took some photos of the baby bump today. So here you go. Pregnant Martina and apparently a pregnant Modou.

DSCF0758 DSCF0759 DSCF0765

Varm tjockis

På nåt sätt hade det känts skönt om jag bar på tvillingar. Det hade liksom förklarat en hel del. Men nu när det bara är en liten krabat därinne så undrar jag över några saker. Jag har ju inte ens gått halva tiden och ändå har mina fötter redan svullnat upp till groteska proportioner. Igår var jag helt säker på att huden skulle spricka. När jag satte ner fossingarna i kallt vatten var det nästan så att jag kunde höra de heta fötterna fräsa. Sen tycker jag att min mage är väääldigt stor för att bara vara i fjärde månaden. Eller? Jag förstår ju att det här inte är några konstiga “symptom” i en graviditet. Men är det inte lite tidigt att börja se ut som en vaggande elefant redan nu? Var ska det här sluta liksom? Jag kommer bli så där Kim Kardashian-gravid. En riktig tjockis! Jösses!




Vi har precis varit på ultraljud. Allt såg jättebra ut! Det kändes så himla skönt att se att hen mår bra där inne. Tror att bäbis låg och sov under tiden, för hen höll handen så där som på den här bilden hela tiden. Duktig bäbis som var still framför “kameran”. Helt otroligt vad man ser på ultraljudet! Många har sagt att man inte ser någonting, men det gör man ju visst det! Vi såg allt jättetydligt – hjärtat, hjärnan, ryggraden, bröstkorgen, benen – ja, allt! Sjukt häftigt!

Jag blev inte flyttad något utan är fortfarande i vecka 18. Så det kanske blir en liten lucia-bäbis.