3 super easy purees for 4-6 month old baby

I made some baby purees today. Thanks to those of you who gave me tips on what to make. I think I might get obsessed with making baby food. There’s something about trying to come up with nice flavours and also the very easy and small scale cooking that is appealing to me. I mean, I made a week’s worth of “meals” with just an avocado and a banana. This newfound love of cooking baby food might wear off though as Sally grows so don’t judge if I start buying those little jars of baby food in the future. 

This is what I made today. 

1. Pear & Prune puree

I just took a juicy pear and mixed it with 5 big prunes. Since my baby is only 4 months old and this is her first food I pressed the puree through a sieve to make it super smooth. 

2. Avocado & Banana puree

Mix 1 avocado with 1 banana until smooth. Voila! 

3. Roasted sweet potato puree

Chop 1 sweet potato into small pieces. Rost in oven at 200 degrees (Celsius) until soft. Mix with 2 tbsp of canola oil until smooth. 

There you have it. Three super easy purees to tempt your baby’s taste buds. I put these in icetrays and froze them. One cube = 2 portions for Sally since she just started tasting solid food. 


Saturday shopping

We went shopping at this outlet in my hometown yesterday. I was supposed to shop some clothes for me, but ended up buying clothes for Sally instead. Clothes for me just can’t compete with cute little baby outfits. The only thing I bought for myself were two shawls. I really like this type of shawls though. They’re good for so many purposes, like for when I’m breastfeeding in public or as a sunshield for Sally when she’s in the stroller, or for me to put over my shoulders. I always carry at least one with me everywhere I go. 


Teeny tiny sunglasses! 

I had to buy some new socks for Sally. She’s growing so fast and her feet even more so. Got a bit depressed when I saw that even socks are divided into boy and girl socks. Sigh! I refuse to limit Sally to certain colours so I bought them all. Ha! 

I also found these super cute sunglasses (in the boy’s section because of turquoise temples. Sigh again). I just couldn’t resist! Teeny tiny sunglasses. How could I not buy them. 


Off to the country side! 

Sally and I are going to my friends Karna and Martin today. They live in a very cute little house in the country side outside my home town. It’s Karna’s birthday so I’m hoping for some nice cake or something. Haha! 

I managed to do a side brade today. Yay me! With a two month baby, you just never know how much time you’ll have to get ready. Sometimes Sally just gives me enough time to brush my teeth and that’s it. While other days, like this one, I manage to put on some make up and even do my hair. Thank you, Sally! It might have helped that a made a small fort around her in the couch so that she could sit up and watch TV. She is not happy lying on her back anymore. She wants to sit up and see what’s going on. She even tries to sit up herself. Isn’t that a bit early though? Sometimes I feel that this girl is just rushing to get older. Like, slow down! Mummy has to catch up! 

This week so far

I’ll start with Sunday, which we spent at my sister’s place. I love to go there. It’s always so relaxing – no pressure, just hanging around, chatting with my sister or her husband, playing with the kids, petting the cats and dogs.



Tuesday I had lunch with Nicole. We were supposed to have lunch on Monday, but my stupid mommy-brain made me forget and I spent my Monday catching up on my sleep instead.


I am holding Sally’s head, even if it doesn’t look like it.

I spent the afternoon with my cousin Ulf. We had a “fika” (Swedish word for having coffee/tea/bewerage of choice with something sweet) in town. We tried the new “semmel wrap” and oh my god, it was delicious! Loved it!


Mom came to visit yesterday. Sally got exhausted by looking at mommy’s busy sweater and fell asleep on her tummy.


We’ve been completely lazy today, just doing a whole lot of nothing. Took a photo of Modou and Sally in her Baby Björn, which I thought was cute.


Sleepy head

This little girl scared the crap out of me this morning. She slept for almost six hours straight! When I woke up and realised that, I had a minor panic attack before I had checked if she was alive. She’s never slept for that long on her own before. But I really hope that it continues. Would be nice to sleep six hours a night.


Out shopping

Sally and I are out shopping. We’re looking for a present for my friend Gia’s son. They’re throwing him a name giving ceremony this weekend. Looking forward to see her family again.

Sally and I are wearing matching outfits today. I think Modou felt left out, because as you can see, he stuck his hand in on the photo.